Unwind &
Rest in Privacy


Soundproof Pod

Our modular and soundproof pod is designed to help your staff unwind and rest in privacy. It doesn’t take much space, is easy to install, private, and safe.


• Soundproof EU certified panels
• Custom interior (light, furniture)
• Require a power socket at proximity and WiFi
• Can be used for therapy, interview, and phone calls on work mode
• Moveable
• Lock, fire alarm, air ventilation system
• Suitable for nap, sleep, meditation on rest mode

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Pod Subscription
starts from £299 / month


Different Uses

Nap time

Studies from sleep coaches have proven that a 30-90 minute nap helps employees who are struggling with sleep and stress become more alert, whilst improving their mood. Similarly, workers on the night shift are encouraged to shut their eyes for a short break. With the sleep mode featuring a bed, the pod is set to provide quality restorative sleep.

Quiet break

Lack of break-room and wellness areas can negatively impact your workforce’s productivity, especially when a large number of people are working in noisy packed open-spaces. Among workers, there is an increased use of meditation and relaxation apps, but often no proper space to practise meditation and relax.


Cleaning, safety, and work quality standards are getting more and more important, as are flexible workplaces. With the work mode, instead of featuring a bed, the pod is delivered empty so you can install the furniture you want.


As the pod maintains the privacy of its user(s), it creates the perfect space for the employee to have a consultation or therapy session. It is crucial to rethink not only the work culture but the work environment around mental health.

Our product range

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