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Innovative modular pod by Pop & Rest

Get a sleep pod for your staff wellbeing.
Comfortable, private, and safe.

Our Wellness Services

Get a Sleep Pod

Our custom built pods bring more privacy, sound proofing and comfort than other sleep pods on the market. Enabling you to nap, meditate or work peacefully.

Organise a talk or workshop

Why does sleep matter? How to keep your workforce productive and happy? We answer these questions in our wellness talks and group workshops.

Corporate prices

Get your team exclusive discounts to all Pop & Rest locations for day and night bookings in our pods with our company perks.

offer starts from
£299 / month

Get Your Sleep & Meditation Pod

Our modular and soundproof pod is designed to help your staff unwind and rest in privacy.
It doesn’t take much space, is easy to install, private, and safe.

Our Pod Benefits

Quality time

The pod is made of soundproof EU certified panels to guarantee a quiet break. The look and feel is designed to provide a peaceful environment. The pod features a fire alarm, lock, and air ventilation system for safety.


Nap, meditation, quiet break, therapy, and workstation: the pod can be used for different activities. Though it should enable your people to take power-naps or have a couple hours of sleep if they work on a night-shift.

Easy to set up

The pod is super easy to install and is movable. We can install it in a matter of hours as long as the space is adequate.


Most of the components are made with recycled materials. If you decide to stop using the pod, we make sure to repurpose it so we can get it back to our stock. No waste.

Trusted by our partners

Pop & Rest has helped our growing company put wellbeing first on the agenda. Awesome team workshops and a great product! The pod is perfect for quiet breaks and private conversations.

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